The gentleman’s polo shirt.

Hello there,

As you might be aware, it is getting rather hot outside.  This is due to science and something we colloquially refer to as the ‘seasons’.

So as we head towards summer the gentleman may find himself sweating up his shirts quicker than usual due to his active lifestyle and may want an alternative to ease the washing.

Sean Connery feels a nice seaside breeze through his polo. Notice how he matches his polo to his blue slacks.

The answer comes in the form of the polo shirt, also known as the tennis shirt or golf shirt (all gentlemanly past times).

Clint Eastwood accessorises his polo with a jumper over his shoulder in case of a possible cool front.

The original polo shirt was created by Rene Lacoste and was known then as the tennis shirt.  He created it to give tennis players a break from the long-sleeved white shirt with tie combination that they had to play in.

Rene Lacoste in some clothes he invented.

Soon thereafter the sports of polo and golf adopted this design and thanks to Ralph Lauren we now know it as a polo shirt (good one Ralph).

Arnold Palmer wears a polo while playing golf and using the force to sink a put.

Now, the polo shirt design is good for a gentleman during the hotter months due to it’s short sleeves and fabric that breaths easily.

Jimmy Stewart (far left) shows how to wear a polo while Bob Hope and Richard Nixon (Second from Right and Right) show how not to wear a polo.

So now you can retire some of your shirts for a while and say hello to the polo shirt.

Please note that a gentleman’s polo should not have designer tears on it, should not have patches stuck all over it, should not have any sort of insignia or paraphernalia on it at all except that of the maker’s mark.

If you are wearing a polo that has any of this on it, I’m afraid you may be a bogan.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley