G.O. Brixley

G.O. Brixley was born on the 1st of May in *date unknown*.  His parents Lady Brixley and Lord Brixley Sr. sent him to boarding school where he escaped and became a deck hand under the alias Ptolemy.  Brixley yearned for more and soon thereafter made it to Omsk where he ran errands for an opium dealer named Lev Tolstoy.  After an incident where Brixley accidentally called Lev, ‘ToyStory 2′ he fled to Montenegro where he was enlisted by MI5 only to be dishonorably discharged 3 months later bedding 12 female KGB agents.  Since the cold war Brixley has relaxed at his beach house in Jamaica and created The Gentleman to inspire a new breed of men.

H.L. Griffith

H.L. Griffith was born third in line for the throne of a country that no longer exists and can only be found on maps made in Prussia between 1600-1900.  His parents fled the country and ended up as Baron and Baroness of a German province.  Young Griffith joined the clergy but was excommunicated after a string of illicit and torrid affairs with an entire nunnery.  Years later Griffith was arrested for killing a man using only his mustache, however, after it was shown that he acted in self defense he was released a free man and promptly became a well published journalist and gentleman.

C.M. Badger

C.M. Badger grew up in the English countryside where he smoked heavily as a child and distilled his own Gin.  The son of a British Duke, Badger soon became disillusioned and joined the French Foreign Legion.  However he soon defected and went to the side that had the better hats.  Soon thereafter he made his way to Cairo where he set up a tobacconists and lived the easy life for several years until he found his real calling as a gentleman.  He swanned from soiree to soiree until he settled down finally to write his memoirs at his family’s estate.  Now he writes for The Gentleman.

A cricket team that Brixley, Griffith and Badger all played for. You know which ones they are.