The gentleman’s “Movember”

Hello there,

As you may or may not know, in a few days ‘Movember’ will start.  Movember of course is a charity event whereby men grown moustaches, get donations, and the proceeds go to men’s health charities.

However the gentleman should be wary when partaking in such an event due to the heavy influx of bogans to such a hirsute undertaking.  Therefore I have compiled a small list to help the gentlemen of Movember choose an adequate moustache to match their gentlemanly lives.

1. The Full Moustache

A very robust moustache. Tom Selleck has won many a duel using only his moustaache.

The full moustache should only be attempted by the most virile gentleman as it is quite hard to grow within the confines of a month.  However if you can grow, full speed ahead.

2. The Cigar Moustache

Gomez Addams. He knew what was going on.

The Cigar Moustache isn’t as thick or wide as the the Full Moustache and should be worn at all times with a cigar in the hand.  This moustache is good for those who like to smoke cigars (everyone).

Although Groucho Marx used grease to paint on a moustache for many years he grew an actual moustache in his Autumn years. He was also the pioneer of the Cigar Moustache.

For a little more style you can always accentuate the middle of the moustache.

Paul Newman enjoys a cigar with a slightly more formal version of the Cigar Moustache.

3. The Pencil Moustache

The Pencil Moustache is a fail safe moustache for the gentleman.  It is packed full of charisma, style and sex appeal.

Clark Gable invented the Pencil Moustache to accompany his 'thousand mile stare' (shown here).

The Pencil Moustache can come in a variety of widths.

The Thicker style.

Here we see Cary Grant sporting a thicker style of Pencil. He accompanies this with a delicately placed lock of hair on his brow.

The Thinner Style.

Errol Flynn wears the thinner style of Pencil Moustache. This style is a winner with the ladies based on a census of women who slept with Errol Flynn.

So there you have it.  A gentleman’s guide to choosing a moustache for ‘Movember’.  If you want to sign up just go to this site and register

G.O. Brixley