The courteous gentleman

Hello friends,

I have noticed recently that most men show little courtesy to others. For instance, doors are everywhere, and it is a gentleman’s duty to hold the door.

This gentleman is helping his lady friend into his car. She is not only impressed by this gentlemanly action, but also his double-breasted suit, dapper hair and state-of-the-art vehicle. (please note this picture did feature in a previous post but with a less informative caption)

A gentleman will always shake a man or woman’s hand upon meeting them – especially for the first time. It may be the main reason for the spread of the common cold, which, in turn, kills hundreds of people per year, but a gentleman honours courtesy first and foremost.

Sinatra will shake this open-collared man’s hand because he’s a gentleman. But he doesn’t have to like it.

We already know much a gentleman enjoys a scotch/martini, but always remember that when with company, pour other’s drinks first.

Bogart almost quit Casablanca when pouring Ingrid Bergman’s drink was left out of the script. Luckily, it was re-included when the screenwriters realised their folly (they were subsequently fired).

We must also always look out for the well-being and safety of others when we are in their company. As gentleman (a.k.a. pillars of society), it is our duty to take responsibility in dangerous situations.

While Shatner did star in the popular television show TJ Hooker - where he played a policeman - this photo is not from the show.

So remember when in polite company, it is a gentleman’s gentlemanly responsibility to watch out for other gentleman and gentleladies’ comfort and well-being.

Clarke Gable on patrol behind Carole Lombard, making sure there is nothing dangerous on the floor.

Make it so,

H.L. Griffith