The Weekly Review

Hello there,

Here is the first of what will become a weekly review of the The Gentleman posts.  At The Gentleman we haven’t been writing posts on a Sunday due to a weekly dueling club (due to the rules of the club I cannot talk any more about it).  Sufficed to say there are no surviving members of the club.

So what have we learned this week?

Firstly we learned how to dine in a gentlemanly fashion.  We leant what to eat, when to eat it and how to eat it.  This may be common knowledge but I disagree and insist that you read this post.

The Dining Gentleman

A big part of dining like a gentleman includes sitting on your chair at an angle, or getting someone to stand behind you while you are seated (or, conversely standing behind someone else sitting down).

Secondly, after a day off, we leant one of the golden rules of gentlemanly hygiene; gentlemen don’t shave their chests.  If this rule isn’t as crystal clear as it should be to all gentlemen you should read the post and find out the extensive reasons why.

Gentlemen Don’t Shave Their Chests

Paul Newman (middle) was always jealous of Robert Redford's (right) chest hair. Here, Newman has to play table tennis whilst Redford sneaks away to the beach to hit the surf and generally impress people with his chest hair.

Thirdly we leant that we gentlemen are men of literature.  We read to amass knowledge and to engulf ourselves in meaty plot-lines with gentlemanly protagonists.  Literature is a gentleman’s medium it must be said, so why not peruse this post for your own reading pleasure.

A Gentleman’s Literature

Cary Grant knows a little bit about the finer things in life. A pipe, book and a glass of scotch (scotch not pictured here).

Lastly we were informed about the simple courtesies that a gentleman should employ in his day to day business.  Gentlemen are synonymous with courtesy and that’s as good enough a reason as any to read this post.

The Courteous Gentleman

Clarke Gable on patrol behind Carole Lombard, making sure there is nothing dangerous on the floor.

From The Vault.

Here is a post from the archives that you may have missed.  For those who don’t know about the sport that is golf, have a read of this and learn more than you wanted to ever know about this great game.

Back To Golf

The gentleman's bible

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley