The solitary gentleman

Hello there,

You may have noticed that we here at The Gentleman have been conspicuously aloof lately.  This is not because we do not hold our readers in the highest regard, in fact quite the opposite.  It is however, due to our busy social schedules, what with all the soirees, galas, jubilees, affairs and receptions.  For the next week, though, no foreign diplomats, dignitaries, tycoons or monarchs have requested our time. So we will both be using our free week to get back in touch with our inner gentleman.

Cary Grant gathers his thoughts via a gentlemanly pose whilst enjoying a delicious beverage.

There are of course many pastimes that a gentleman can occupy his time with by himself.  A solo round of golf can clear a gentleman’s head from all the hubbub of day-to-day life.

Clark Gable enjoys a champion’s breakfast before heading to the golf club.

You may have fallen behind on the classics so why not consult the blueprints of your mansion to find the library and reading room, blow some dust of a heavy book and stare longingly into the fire as you turn the pages.

Frank Sinatra builds up the courage to tackle his “to-read” list.

If you are up-to-date with your literary pursuits why not try your hand at refining your strategic mind by studying the chess masters or dealing a hand of solo whist.

Michael Caine mixes himself a Solo Whist.

If you’re not partial to a hand of cards then why not head to your observatory and witness the celestial motion of the heavens and beyond.

Jimmy Stewart never liked telescopes.

Once you have contemplated the mysteries of the universe why not head from your observatory to the conservatory and contemplate the mysteries of this world.

Humphrey Bogart heads to his conservatory (AKA his humidor) where the humidity is always a constant 70%, just like Havana.

If you don’t like to swelter at the same humidity of the cigar you are currently smoking then why not head to the gardens for a refreshing drink and  a three piece suit.

Sean Conney is dissatisfied with his Mint Julep.

Then main point is, when you are as constantly engaged as many gentlemen are, you must find time to get back to the basics.  Failing that, enjoy a cigar with a few good lugs of your favourite Islay Scotch and recharge your gentlemanly batteries.

Clint Eastwood makes it his business to get some “alone” time.

So there you have it, until next time.

G.O Brixley

H.L Griffith