The gentleman and the paranormal.

Hello there,

The other day a fellow colleague and gentleman asked me if I believe in ghosts, I told him that it didn’t matter if I believed in them or not, they still exist.  Or do they?  Yes and no.  Yes they exist, but no they don’t.  It’s one of life’s great mysteries, like the loch ness monster or William Shatner’s hair.

The mystery continues.

However gentlemanly encounters with the paranormal date as far back as when Shakespeare wrote Hamlet with a ghostwriter or Isaac Newton’s ghost Gravity would throw apples at him.

Michael Caine is haunted by the ghosts of Statler and Waldorf. They cracked wise at him all night long.

The paranormal isn’t just reserved for ghosts, there are also supernatural powers like foresight and telepathy.  A note of caution however for gentlemen to never get themselves involved with the occult.  This should be left to late night television scams.

Sean Connery tried to see his future. Luckily for Sean, he predicted he was about to be stabbed because he used his crystal ball too much.

Indeed, it isn’t just gentlemen having encounters with spooks from beyond this spiritual realm.  In some cases it has been the gentlemen themselves who have crossed over!

The ghost of Cary Grant and his date tell Mark Hamill (out of shot) to go to the Dagobah system to learn how to be a true gentleman. Luckily for Cary Grant he was soon reincarnated as himself.

There can be many problems attributed to paranormal activity, especially if you are haunted by a gentlemanly ghost.  One might find his cigars missing and Scotch gone.  Not only is theft a problem but now you have a drunk ghost on your hands.  This has happened once or twice at Castle Brixley but it usually turns out to be Humphrey Bogart dropping by.  However if you do have problems there is only one person to telephone.

The good scientists at Ghostbusters will restore your humidor to it's original capacity. They are ready to believe you.

Not everybody believes in ghosts though.  Many a learned gentleman may have come to the logical conclusion that ghosts simply don’t exist.

Sherlock Holmes always let the facts speak for themselves. Here he examines this gentleman's nose and concludes that it is in fact, not a ghost.

There is another theory that states ghosts are not dead people coming back to smoke our cigars, but images from parallel universes crossing over into ours.  This of course is preposterous, or is it?

William Shatner heckles the bridge of the Enterprise from a parallel universe where people dress as robots.

Luckily for us there is one definitive way to work out whether ghosts and other paranormal activity are real or not, and that is to ask Clint Eastwood.

Clint Eastwood does not believe in ghosts.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley