Gentlemen in the future

Hello there,

The future is an undiscovered country much like Shakespeare’s concept of ‘death’, however unlike Shakespeare’s concept of ‘death’ it contains many more blinking lights and primary coloured uniforms.  So let’s dismiss that soothsayer, put away the tarot cards and jump into our gentlemanly time machine to have a look at what the future has in store for us.

Rod Taylor prepares for time travel by playing one last game on the slot machine.

The gentlemanly future is much like the early 1960s except for the fact that women and non-white people will have a place in it.  This Utopia, made with sturdy cardboard and LED lights will be a beacon of hope for the Galaxy.

Not only do they wear primary coloured uniforms in the future, you can be that there are people of every race on the bridge of a starship.  There is even Spock who was of course Jewish.

Not only do they wear primary coloured uniforms in the future, you can be sure that there are people of every race and sex on every starship. They even had extra-terrestrials onboard, such as Spock or Kirk's hair.

Now of course the future isn’t going to be all spaceships and aliens with pointed ears.  Like much of our history there will be ups and downs in the future too.  Our automated door Utopia will eventually fail after monkey’s seize the opportunity to overthrow the birds and take control of earth.

The future takes a turn for the worst when Charlton Heston has to opt for rags rather than wear orange leather. Needless to say the monkeys' fashion was their ultimate downfall.

But no matter how many post apocalyptic, monkey dominated phases our world has to go through, we gentleman will always find a way to rebuild civilisation and create robots that will one day revolt and destroy us all.

Tom Baker foolishly wore fur while he gets an awkward massage from this soon-to-be hostile animals rights robot.

The machine uprising will last a long time but we gentlemen shouldn’t fret.  As long as you can get the daily broadsheet, enough tobacco for your pipe and enough scotch for your glass we can just wait it out until the robots become neurotic and unstable.

Not so threatening now. The robots will eventually give the world back and pursue lengthy movie careers.

After the decline of the robots society will have to go through the motions again. Of course this means re-building society from the ground up, starting with agriculture, primarily of the tobacco and barley plants.

Plato II with his student, Aristotle II rebuilding the new world with the carefree attitude that come with the toga.

Our expansive computers here at The Gentlemen have computed that soon after the rebirth of civilisation there will come the expansive computers that we utilise today.

Harrison Ford presses a button on his invisible futuristic computer. Note his hairstyle, the future is indeed a strange place.

Therefore there is no need for concern when it comes to the future.  Gentlemen will always come out on top when up against robots, aliens or Woody Allen.  And no matter how many apocalypses we have to go through, we gentleman will take charge of rebuilding society, culture and distilleries the world over.

Jack Lemon predicted the future when he invested in these car doors, everyone will have them one day.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley