The Gentleman’s Party

Hello there,

I have recently re-emerged from Griffith Manor after a raucous new year celebration. The festivities over the past month have been full-blown, and it led me to consider the importance of a party or soiree in the gentleman’s social calendar. The parties a gentleman throws and attends are the crux of his social life. So here are some rules which should guide you through  the intricacies of the gentleman’s party.

Bring a date

Almost every engagement you will ever be invited to will encourage you bring a “plus-one”. Do not get this confused with your plus-fours (unless the party is held on a golf course, in which case you should bring both).

Sean Connery requested his date be photo-shopped out of this photo so there would be no distraction from his double-breasted jacket.

So bring along your wife or girlfriend, or if you are not currently spoken for, find a worthy gentle-lady and invite her along.

Bring a bottle of Scotch

Even if you are driving or have an early engagement the next day, you will be the most popular gentleman on the premises if you supply a smokey malt. And if you get seated next to a boring or offensive guest, you can polish it off yourself.

Winston Churchill gets stuck next to someone's poorly-chosen plus-one.

Have an anecdote and a party game

A well-told anecdote is the perfect icebreaker and can win you many friends. Likewise, suggesting a party game that everyone can play will make the party more fun and memorable.

Sean Connery's gaze slips downwards as he loses this round of table-less arm-wrestling.

The party game was, of course, invented by George Party Jnr. in 1789 when he inaugurated ‘unwrap the package’ – an X-rated game similar to modern day ‘musical chairs’. Which brings us to our next point.

Don’t shy away from romance

The party is an ideal time for the single gentlemen among us to become amorous. And it is the responsibility of the taken gentlemen to assist the unspoken for.

Sinatra kindly occupies a friend of the lady Sammy Davis Jnr is trying to seduce.

They will be thankful…

"You did good, Frank".

But when it comes to love, always be discrete.

An entire film crew of paparazzi intrude upon one of Cary Grant's private moments.

Make a speech

Even if it seems as though the host is not going to make a speech, every good party has an eloquent gentleman (this should be you) thanking the host, the guests and the (hopefully) ample Scotch supply.

The host of this party, John F. Kennedy, makes a speech thanking everyone for coming and explains what happened to all the men's invitations - he didn't send them.

And so with that, you should have the basics of party-going and party-hosting.

Humphrey Bogart knew how to get into the party spirit.

Until next time,

HL Griffith