The gentleman’s New Year’s resolutions 2012

Hello there,

Once again the earth has made a full rotation around the sun without being destroyed by comets, aliens or Matthew McConaughey.  As such, we here at The Gentleman would like to congratulate all our readers for making it into this New Year and not getting sucked through a wormhole style vortex into the past.

To get you back into the gentlemanly mood after the indiscretions of your recent celebrations we thought we would share our gentleman’s resolutions with you to inspire you, tempt you and to take your mind off the fact that Matthew McConaughey was not sucked through a wormhole style vortex into the past.

Your typical new year's eve celebrations.

1. Learn to act like William Shatner.  As a gentleman you should constantly be trying to add new strings to your bow, however when you’re not fixing your violin try as many new things as possible, like honing your acting skills to the level of William Shatner.

William Shatner demonstrates the emotion 'Spanish displeasure' flawlessly in his spare time.

2. Sojourn to the beach.  If your 2011 was anything like ours here at The Gentleman then you need to recharge your gentlemanly batteries from all those martini soirees and international cigar conferences by heading to a beach somewhere for some martinis and cigars.

Sean Connery takes some time off his busy schedule of filming on location in the Bahamas to go on holiday to the Bahamas.

3. Wear more tweed.  Why not?

Cary Grant wasn't the most fashionable man of all time because he didn't wear tweed. In fact it was the exact opposite.

4. Punch a Nazi.  The arch nemesis of us gentleman needs to be dealt with and what better way to do so than to knock one of them unconscious with an old one-two to the cranium.

Although it's not necessary, try punching them whilst on the back of a tank for added flair. Harrison Ford demonstrates above.

5. Get back on your bike.  You don’t want to run the mileage in your Aston Martin DB5 too high, so why not substitute your shorter trips with some fresh air on your bicycle?

Humphrey Bogart shows how to ride a bicycle with the nonchalance of a true gentleman.

6. Say yes to things.  If you want to get the most out of life, say yes to things that you usually wouldn’t.  If William Shatner hadn’t said yes to recording a spoken word album we would never have gotten his rendition of Rocket Man and that is a world I wouldn’t want to live in.

Try to emulate the positive attitude of Sean Connery.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley