A gentleman’s summer activities

Hello there,

For anyone living in the southern hemisphere or for all those gentlemen who will be migrating south from the cold northern winter, you may be aware that tomorrow begins three deliciously peaty summer months.  However there are many activities to pass the summer months that aren’t exclusively smoking cigars and drinking Scotch (although these are included in all the activities).

Get off your desktop and get outside during the summer months.

Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some fresh air whilst smoking a cigar.  The bicycle is a good mode of transportation for getting to a picnic, casual garden party or to do a lap of France.

The Beatles would ride from performance to performance on bicycles and just look how happy they are about it.

The bicycle is also good transportation to your friendly biweekly tennis tournament.  However if you are still recovering pulling your back after getting stuck in the bunker on the 4th, well then summer is also the perfect time to watch sport.

Clark Gable recovers from a golf injury by watching some tennis using his patented 'thousand yard stare'.

After you’ve filled your sports quota why not relax to some soothing music.  A young person told me just yesterday that they could play music off their electric typewriting machine, but I don’t see the point since I have a fully functioning record player, the vinyl to go with it and a Hollywood A-lister to select the songs.

Audrey Hepburn choose an adequate summer playlist at Castle Brixley.

Also Summer is the season to let bygones be bygones.  Why not make amends with a former friend, reconnect with people long forgotten, and challenge your arch nemesis to a shooting competition.

Sean Connery is offerend an olive branch by arch nemesis, Largo. Connery won the shooting contest, stole Largo's girl, foiled his nuclear ransom plot and killed him. I suggest if you're in Connery's black book you stay away this summer.

If you have no enemies then why not get some fresh sea air, it could be just what the doctor ordered (if your doctor is also a Sea Captain).  The beach is an opportune time to recharge your batteries with the ‘Three Ss’, sun, sea and Scotch (preferably a Laphroaig, since it is matured in barrels next to the sea for added flavour)

Cary Grant gets some fresh ocean air and some much needed sun on his face.

The main point of Summer is to relax and enjoy the nice weather to it’s fullest, with a Scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other.

When Errol Flynn wasn't filming or in jail, he was relaxing as only Errol Flynn could, after he patented it.

So there you have it, you’ll not go wanting for activities this summer.

G.O. Brixley