Biography: Alec Baldwin

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We continue our biographical journey into the depths of current and past gentlemen by strapping on our experimental jet pack of investigation and flying to destination Alec Baldwin via a quick Scotch at the reform club.

Alec Baldwin portraying the emotion 'suppressed surprise of a millionaire' using his acting talent.

Alec Baldwin was born Alexander Rae Baldwin III (a name that he only goes by when being announced at royal engagements) on the 3rd of April 1958, in Long Island, New York.  His father was a teacher and geneticist who cloned the young Alec to create his three younger brothers.

Alec Baldwin auditions for a children's television show. He didn't get the part after he told everybody they were fired and swore profusely.

After school the young Alec went to New York University to study acting and chest hair grooming with a minor in showroom hypnotism.

Alec Baldwin tries to hypnotise you with his magical ring for fun and profit.

Baldwin’s first role was on a daytime soap opera called The Doctors where he portrayed a character using his acting abilities.  Soon after his acting career flourished much like his chest hair and he even got to star in a movie with Sean Connery in a submarine.

Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin acting in a submarine.

Some of Alec Baldwin’s greatest roles have been Jack Donaghy, The Shadow, and Stephen Baldwin.  Apart from being an actor, Alec Baldwin has also used his gentlemanly abilities to be the first person to circumnavigate the world in a pinstriped suit.

Baldwin plans out his next adventure using an up-to-date globe and state-of-the-art measuring ribbon.

After Sean Connery retired from acting Alec Baldwin inherited the title of ‘most hirsute male actor’, a position that he had to challenge Tom Selleck for.  However Selleck, not wanting to be greedy settled for ‘best moustache’ and the two never had to dual.

Sean Connery passing the baton to Alec Baldwin at a ceremony hosted by Sean Connery's chest hair.

But Alec Baldwin isn’t just known for having a hairy chest and raw acting abilities, he also drinks Scotch and smokes copiously.  A true gentleman.

Alec Baldwin uses his hypnotic skills to try to light this cigar with his mind.

In his Autumn years Alec is still acting and using his recognisable head of hair to raise awareness about animals rights, drinking single malt Scotch and fighting crime under the guise of his fictional character, The Shadow.

Alec Baldwin raises awareness for animal rights.

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