The spring gentleman

Hello there,

Please pardon the brief interval between articles but after discovering that I am a descendant of Mungo Park, the great Scottish explorer, I thought it only fitting to retrace his steps through Africa.  However history repeated itself and I was set upon by natives.  Luckily I had prepared for such an attack with a scuba diving set with which I might escape my forefather’s demise (and escape I did).

Mungo Park. Voted most dapper explorer three years running.

However all this fresh air has made me realise that spring is upon us once again (in fact it wasn’t the fresh air that made me realise, it was my calendar, Geeves, who told me).  Therefore it is that lovely time of the year when we gentlemen can concentrate on our golf handicap, frequent the beach and generally enjoy the outdoors to their fullest.

JFK enjoys the turning of the seasons with his wife and midget dentist.

Spring – or the latter part of it – is the prelude to summer, however the moderate temperature means that we may be more active during the fresh spring climate before it becomes too hot to even ask Geeves for a refreshing lager to be poured into your mouth.

Errol Flynn felt that the best way to experience spring was to dress up as 14th century minstrels.

If you live in the northern hemisphere you might think I’m some jabbering lunatic who has gone mad from the heat of the summer just past.  Well I’m not.  However if I was, there would be method to my madness by which you might be able to follow the seasons by catching the next flying machine south of the equator to where the fresh spring breeze wafts through the air (how a breeze wafts through air I’ll never know).

Teddy Roosevelt didn't have any time for flying machines, instead he would sail a moose downstream to South America for spring.

Of course spring is also the time when we mourn the loss of John F. Kennedy and Cary Grant.  Every gentleman has their own way of remembering these pioneers of the modern gentleman but we here at The Gentleman feel that you should play a round of golf on November 22nd to commemorate John and dress in your best grey suit for Cary later on the 29th.

William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy enjoy their spring by reanimating their favourite president and posing for an album cover.

The main thing to do during spring is to reintroduce yourself to the outdoors and put to rest the thick coats and scarves of the recently passed winter.

Harrison Ford likes to spend the fresh spring weather by playing tag with a tribe of angry natives.

The other thing to do during spring (and we have touched on briefly here) is to have a good spring clean.  Clean up your humidor and liquor cabinet by smoking and drinking their contents respectively (don’t get that mixed up).

Sean Connery kills two birds with one stone just by staring at them. Also he is smoking and drinking.

So get up, get outdoors, light up a cigar, pour yourself a Scotch, have a picnic while golfing and repeat this process until summer.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley