Time for another smoke

Hello there,

I must apologise for the recent interruption to my publications for The Gentleman but I was called away on urgent business.  You see I am also the chief physician to HRH the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.  Not to worry though, he just wanted me to accompany him on an adventure into the depths of the Amazon basin, but that is a story for another time.

I'll give you a hint. It involves this man, Colonel Percy Harrison Fawcett. Notice his steely determination and also his 'stealy hat of determination'.

What I have realised is that has been quite a long time since we here at The Gentleman have discussed the finer points of smoking.  This needs to be rectified, and rectified it shall be.  Right now in fact.

Notice the delicate yet robust smouldering in this picture. Also Grant is holding a cigarette.

Tobacco was invented by the Native Americans and fire was invented by Prometheus.  After the dawn of the gentleman (445BC {Before Connery}) it wasn’t long until these two elements were forged together to make the common cigar.

Frank Sinatra gives thanks to the Native Americans and Prometheus as he lights up this cigarette.

A big part of smoking besides the delicious flavours, the delicate aromas and the obvious health benefits is the facial expression.  A gentleman is never one to grimace when smoking, as some gentleman impostors may frequently do.

Clint Eastwood never grimaces when he had a cigar in his mouth. In fact Clint Eastwood was unable to change his expression from the one shown due to a dual related injury.

This is because a gentleman does not smoke for the look, and will therefore be too busy savoring the flavour of the tobacco whilst giving a thousand-yard stare to worry about what he looks like (however since he is a gentleman he will look immaculate anyway but that is beside the point).

Michael Caine enjoys his tobacco to the fullest in this playful photo shoot. Caine used to send these pictures to Eastwood as a practical joke. Eastwood never saw the funny side, but how could he, he can't laugh.

Due to a gentleman’s physical condition smoking is perfectly fine and you could even live to the ripe old ago of Humphrey Bogart, who is working his way towards the record for being the oldest person alive.

A picture of Bogart taken only last week. Sure he looks a little worse for wear but the man is 111 years old.

Even though there have been lots of “medical” studies condemning the use of tobacco due to overwhelming amount of “facts” I still have confidence that gentlemen will still keep the art of tobacco smoking alive be it pipe, cigarette or the king of tobacco, the humble cigar.  If you want proof of that well…

Here it is. Proof that gentlemen will be smoking long into the future.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley