The Leading Gentleman

Good day,

I write to you all today after a brief, enforced hiatus. This hiatus came while I documented the micro-evolution of the wild Angolan yak for an upcoming release of my zoological and botanical memoirs entitled Griffith’s Complete Lexicon of African Flora and Fauna: Revisited. I requested a typewriter from the embassy during my travels, which they provided, but unfortunately my secretary came down with a bout of abasia and hence my manuscripts were never published. They will be able to be found in future when The Gentleman Blog: The Lost Pages is released. So instead of revisiting old topics, today I will bring you some musings upon the leading man.

With four leading men all in one shot, there was always going to be tension. Here Sammy Davis Jnr exerts his dominance by winning a 'pretending to be punched' contest.

The leading man, in films, is a gentleman who plays the love interest of a leading gentlelady. He often displays heroism, charm, integrity and his old war medallions.

Sidney Potier had all these things and more: a telephone.

The role of a leading man is tailor made for the Hollywood gentleman.

James Mason was known for two things. Being a leading gentleman, reading thick manuscripts and wearing tweed. Here he does all five.

The first important trait of a leading gentleman to note is the gentleman’s natural kevorka.

Spencer Tracey is a little quizzical as Katharine Hepburn throws herself at him.

The leading gentleman also has a sharp sense of dress.

Paul Newman would tailor his own suits. Making a suit is a lot like making a salad dressing.

Some may think of the leading gentleman as boisterous and chauvinistic.  This is completely incorrect. I suggest you stop reading Germaine Greer books and instead pick yourself up a copy of Griffith’s Complete Guide to Mathematics: From e to π. It makes for much better reading. In reality, the leading gentleman is tender, helpful and respectful of the fairer sex.

David Niven teaches this gentlelady how to play table tennis. And she needs the lesson; she doesn't even know which side of the table to be on.

The leading gentleman also takes matters into his own hands when necessary, especially when it involves confrontation.

This punk got lucky, as Clint forgot his gun on his way to this confrontation.

Not to mention that the leading gentleman smokes and bathes regularly. Often simultaneously.

Clint Eastwood sure knew a thing or two about the finer things in life.

This is not to say that being a leading gentleman is restricted to the silver screen (or screens of any material, for that matter). You should be a charming, well-dressed, clean gentleman at all times. And if talkies are anything to go by, it only takes 90-100 minutes for this to result in winning the affection of the supporting gentlelady.

Joseph Cotten uses all his leading man skills to seduce the operator.

Until next time,

H.L. Griffith