How to stay warm this Winter

Hello there,

As I look out my window I am constantly reminded of Scotland, where the rain fall is high and the temperature low.  But don’t despair, we here at The Gentleman take it as our personal mission to help you, the reader, in every possible way we can.  So let us tell you how to keep warm this Winter.

I'll give you a hint. Go into your private distillery and you're getting warmer in every sense of its meaning.

Step one is to pour yourself a stiff drink, preferably Scotch but if Scotch isn’t available then try Scotch.

Scotty astutely demonstrates step one.

Step two is to repeat step one numerous times until you don’t feel cold but are still in complete control of your gentlemanly faculties.

Errol Flynn can be excused for having one too many Scotches every now and then.

Now I know what you’re thinking but no, we aren’t geniuses (we are but not for this reason), the knowledge that alcohol has many magical properties including but not limited to keeping warm and fuelling the body is common knowledge.

The Saint Bernard was the real genius in this case.

Every gentleman who has ever climbed to the snowy peak of a mountain (every gentleman) knows the beauty of a stiff drink from a Saint Bernard.  In fact the Saint Bernard dog was called as such because Saint Bernard himself was the patron Saint of dog collars and miniature barrels of Scotch.

Michael Caine beats the cold by dressing up in his favourite uniform (with cravat) and saying a toast to Saint Bernard.

Some of you gentleman out there may be thinking that this method of temperature control is well known, but you would be surprised.

Sean Connery only got half the memorandum we sent him about "Alcohol and Warmth". Here he is having Scotch sponged onto him. Silly Sean.

But after conclusive studies we can safely say that consuming alcohol is the most effective way to battle the cold (studies carried out by Sean Connery).

That's better Sean, although your drink is in the other hand.

Not only will you save on your heating bill (the price of firewood and coal to fuel your many fireplaces) but you will also get the benefits that alcohol has to offer, like strengthening the kidneys and liver.  Just ask any doctor .

Don Draper finishes off a prescription that his doctor gave him. Just what the doctor ordered.

So take off your London Fog trench and get into a peaty Scotch this winter.

Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra stay warm during this blizzard by toasting Saint Bernard with a drink.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley