The gentleman in the Subcontinent.

Hello there,

The gentleman may lounge about all day sipping pims and playing lawn tennis but every now and again the gentleman’s natural yearning for adventure gets the better of him and he sets off to satiate his desires.  Therefore if you are in such a state may I suggest you set a course for the subcontinent.

Just look how much the fun Sean Connery is having in the subcontinent. Here he is getting a bespoke suit.

Many great gentlemen have explored the subcontinent from Harrison Ford to Cary Grant and every gentleman in between.  There are many reasons for this including but not limited to the food, the culture, freeing slave children from a murderous cult and being able to wear a pith helmet wherever you go.

Cary Grant and Gunga Din were always getting up to mischief of some kind in India.

The largest country on the subcontinent is India, home of musical films and site of the original space landing.  The other countries include Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.  We here at The Gentleman recommend you take eleven of your most gentlemanly friends along with you and challenge any locals you can find to a cricket match.

Teatime during a match in which Griffiths and I narrowly defeated a local Indian team. We didn't gloat though, a gentleman is always a good sport.

If you are entering in your Autumn years and can no longer play a five day test then why not try to immerse yourself in the culture and don some local clothes instead of your regulation British military uniform.

Here we see Sir Alec Guinness (middle) really get in to the spirit of the subcontinent (although he looks bored whilst chaperoning this date)

However you must have your wits about you in a place like the subcontinent.  The main thing to watch out for is the Thuggee religious cult.  Not only were they the main antagonists of Harrison Ford during his sojourn to India, they also tried to kill Cary Grant and Gunga Din.  Now that’s just not cricket.

The gentlemanly Rudyard Kipling was born in India. He was soon thereafter lost in the jungle and raised by animals. This can all be read in his autobiography "The Jungle Book"

But don’t let crazy religious cults deter you (due to the fact they were vanquished by Ford with the help of the Indian and British armed forces).  Instead just put on a nice white tuxedo and live and let live.

Roger Moore does a traditional "Indian sabre dance" with this fellow enthusiast to an adoring crowd.

If you ever get home sick there is one proven way to ease your nerves and that is with a cup of tea.  That or just have another Scotch.

The best way to meet people in India is to free them from servitude. Although this technique does work around the world.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley