The gentleman and the cravat

Hello there,

A gentleman said to me the other day, “Brixley, I need to look less formal, but the weather is getting colder and my neck gets cold, however I don’t care for scarves, what can I do?”  I glared at him for interrupting a particularly amusing anecdote I was telling to the Prince of Bengal and simple said to him “Why my good man, you should wear a cravat.”  I then proceeded to challenge him to a duel in which the outcome is obvious.


Erroll Flynn puts on his most innocent face whilst wearing a stylish cravat. Needless to say the charges were dropped (whatever they were).


The point is, the cravat is a way to get out of wearing a necktie or bow-tie yet keep the formal elegance that gentlemen strive for when socialising.


Cary Grant goes on a picnic with Grace Kelly. He didn't want to wear a necktie but didn't want to dress like a common businessman on a Friday. The cravat literally saved his neck.


The cravat comes in numerous different style but if you ask me, you can’t go past a good navy blue cravat with white dots.


Clark Gable knew how to wear a cravat. He also invented this pose and the thousand-yard stare that goes with it.



The cravat was originally a military item of clothing worn by Croatian mercenaries.  The term cravat comes from the French word for Croat and then pronounced badly (like a Frenchman).


Adrien Brody sports a cravat whilst sight-seeing with good friend, Mark Ruffalo. Unfortunately the sight they were looking for is behind them.



Many great gentlemen have donned a cravat of some kind to help dress down their attire yet stay dressed up.  After the cravat’s inception in the 17th century it has gone in and out of style, most recently in the 60s and 70s.


Michael Caine singlehandedly brought back the cravat. He also took staring lessons from Clark Gable.


Unfortunately the cravat hasn’t had a lot of good press and is constantly being tainted by people not worthy enough to wear such an item.  It has also recently become the trademark for overweight food critics, however if you keep the garishness of the cravat to a minimum you can dodge any comparison to the former (also if you aren’t hideously overweight a comparison is less likely)


Errol Flynn also knew the benefits of matching a cravat with a pipe. For a list of all the benefits see above.


So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley