The Gentleman in uniform

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A gentleman has many strings to his bow. This is meant both metaphorically and literally. It is easy to distinguish the gentleman impostor from the true gentleman by the actual number of strings on his bow.

The quintessential gentleman impostor. Notice the single-stringed bow he is using. Typical.

Having many (metaphorical) strings to one’s bow , however, means that the gentleman must partake in many diverse activities and occupations. Hence, it is common to see a gentleman in some sort of uniform. For the purpose of this article, we shall not treat the three-piece as a uniform, but know that it is the gentleman’s most important of all.

Cary Grant occasionally spends his spare time in the 1770's, and must adopt appropriate attire.

It is important that if a gentleman is to properly engage in a past-time or occupation, he must look the part. Such is the importance of uniform.

Errol Flynn on the set of 'Desperate Journey'. Here, glaring at the costume designer is his way of saying 'thank you for such accurate WWII attire'.

Also remember that a uniform is not just the clothes you wear, but also your demeanor, attitude and facial hair.

Lionel Atwill's mustache dresses as a Colonel for Nana (1934).

If you are, say, going down to your local yacht club to smoke a cigar while coasting along the bay, you are clearly presented with numerous choices. Will you go for the Gene Kelly 1940s sailor look, or the Ted Knight in Caddyshack look?

Gene Kelly almost always opted for the Gene Kelly look.

In fact, the Gene Kelly look has proved quite popular.

Fred Astaire on his way to the yacht club.

Gentleman, being the bravest men in the cosmos, are also highly sought after in war time. Well, at least they used to be.

Michael Caine did not hesitate to get involved in various African wars. Here he is calling to the enemy inviting them for high tea in this break between battles.

But be careful not to choose an inappropriate uniform for your first day on the job.

Ronald Reagan was told to go home and change after arriving for his first day as US President.

And be careful meeting people when in uniform. They may be assume things about you which are not necessarily true.

Paul Newman was married to this lady for six years before he told her he wasn't a pilot.

So make sure you have a full closet of various outfits for whatever your gentlemanly lifestyle throws at you.

Marlon Brando was invited to a 'Mutiny on the Bounty' party and was not impressed with this man's half-hearted costume. So he ripped his sleeve and then shot him.

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HL Griffith