From The Gentleman’s Vault VII

Hello there,

It’s once again time to put on your dust gloves and carefully extract some of The Gentleman’s well-aged posts from their hermetically sealed storage facility located at a secret location deep within the earth’s crust.  So let us begin.

The Double Breasted Suit

Since the weather seems to have taken a turn, it’s probably a good thing to brush up on your winter wardrobe, and a gentleman’s winter wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a double breasted suit.  Why you ask? Why not read it for yourself.

Jaws forces Roger Moore to watch him as he devours a piece of wood as a show of the power of his double breasted suit.

“Don’t think that the double breasted jacket is only for fat men, 80’s stockbrokers or David Letterman.  The double breasted suit, like any suit, can maketh the gentleman if it is fitted correctly and worn with finesse and a humble elegance that are prerequisites for the gentleman’s inventory.”



Well that post made for good reading if I do say so myself, and I do.  Next we stroll down memory lane to a post about something else with memory, that of the humble computer.

The Gentleman’s Computer

If you have not been reading the broadsheets lately then you may have missed the hype surrounding the invention of the computer, but basically the computer is, well…it’s a… why not read this post.

Michael Caine spent many hours at state-of-the-art computers such as this to earn the right to wear those thick-rimmed glasses. He is also demonstrating the age-old alliance between computer and clip-board.

“The history of the computer as we know it today is debated by “historians”. But take it from me, the gentleman invented early forms of the computer in the 1940s to bust Nazis. These computers had various functions, including breaking Nazi codes, creating databases of Nazi war criminals, and had access to the broadband internet so they could read The Gentleman Blog.”



Well I better get down to my local NASA technician to pick up the latest computer, but before I do that I have to surround myself with beautiful women.  Why you ask? Firstly I wish you would stop asking that and secondly the answer is becoming quite clear, just read the article.

In The Company Of Women

There are benefits of surrounding yourself with the fairer sex, and not just because they are more attractive than gentlemen.  It’s also because they make excellent company.  Don’t believe me?  Then you better sort your prejudices out and read this article.

Roger Moore new the benefits of associating with women instead of the common man. Just look at his surprised delight.

“There are many activities a gentleman with a large company of women can do.  For example there is doubles tennis, water polo, regular polo, and also non-sporting gentlemanly pastimes like drinking.  If you don’t think that women can drink, think again.  Although women may not like a neat Scotch they have adapted alcohol into a veritable smorgasbord of cocktails.”



So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley