Where and when to smoke your cigars

Hello there,

We here at The Gentleman Blog try to answer as many reader questions as we can. During the week I was asked,

“Griffith, how can one know when is a suitable occasion to light up a cigar?

Also, how do you keep your collars so sharp and suits so cleanly pressed?”

– Unnamed Griffith protégé

I shan’t go into the closely-guarded Griffith family secrets of laundering here, but I will address the first question. The short (and extremely accurate) answer is that there is almost no time or place that does not call for a cigar. Let me show you the wide array of situations that you can enhance with tightly rolled tobacco.


If you're posing for the front cover of 'Cigar Aficionado' magazine, you should be smoking a cigar. Also, if you're William Shatner anywhere, you should be smoking a cigar.

You may think that cigars can offend non-smokers around you. This is entirely untrue. They’re wheezing coughs and sly looks are simply their way of thanking you and admiring your gentlemanliness.


This is either the tallest man in the world lighting his cigar on a street light or the smallest man in the world lighting his cigarello with a lampost-shaped match (while in a miniature city). You be the judge.

If you’re riding a bicycle – or enjoying some other sort of outdoor activity – nothing offsets the harmful fresh air and exercise like a healthy cigar.


Charles Coburn is here partaking in the Tour de France they way it should be - in a three-piece and with a cigar.

Speaking of sports, there is no better way to celebrate a victory or commiserate a loss than to light up a cigar with your team-mates or opponent.

You may also celebrate with a cigar after a well-played game of scissors-paper-rock.

If you think that just because you are smoking, you are limited with the use of your mouth for the duration of the cigar, think again. An experienced cigar-smoking gentleman can do anything with a cigar in his hand/mouth, such as singing, golfing and prime-ministering during the war.

Jimmy Durante sings a jaunty duet with Hamlet in the highly successful musical adaptation of the play whilst enjoying a smoke.

Some golfers like to smoke a cigar while they play a round or two. Others, like myself, like to enjoy a round of golf while they smoke a cigar or two. A subtle yet important difference. In the latter instance your score is calculating by how evenly your cigar(s) burn and your pace and style of smoking.

This man allows his wife to focus on her caddying duties and lights his own cigar.

I think you may be getting the gist by now. Unless there is flammable gas in proximity, there are precisely zero situations that do not call for a cigar.

Mark Twain was known for two things: writing and getting his photo taken. It's more than acceptable to light a cigar up during both processes.

So buy yourself a few boxes for the coming days and try it out for yourself.

Thought it was illegal to smoke on an aeroplane? Look closely at the 'no smoking' sign and you'll realise that it's a cigarette in the picture, not a cigar.

Until next time,

HL Griffith