Biography: William Shatner

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Welcome to another completely factual biography of a famous gentleman.  Today’s biography concerns the famous thespian, poet and starship captain, William Shatner.

William Shatner used to label his costumes with his signature.

Shatner’s life began when he was born.  This occurred on the 22nd of March 1933 (or Stardate 2233.6) and is commemorated each year with “Talk Like William Shatner Day” (which is next Tuesday, so get… your vocals chords warmed… up!).

Shatner wasn't a stranger to the fairer sex. This is due to the fact that he personally knew every female in existence in 1968 including this woman... especially this woman.

Shatner was born in Canada and soon after finishing school became a Shakespearian actor the likes of which the world has never seen.

William Shatner doing a spoken word rendition of Rocket Man. Not only the best version of Rocket Man, also the best cover of any song in history.

During these hard times (there isn’t much money in the arts back then, which is a damn shame for the artistic gentleman) Shatner remained a stoic gentleman and worked his craft as much as he could.

Shatner sometimes acted too well. In this episode people actually believed that the 'tribbles' were alive. This wasn't due to special effects, it was all Shatner.

After a string of television appearances Shatner got his big break after being cast as Captain James Tiberius Kirk in the television show Star Trek.

Shatner's Kirk sometimes had to take one for the team, even if it meant seducing the 'Gorn'.

Although he didn’t know it at the time Kirk would go on to make Shatner one of the most recognisable gentlemen to have ever been beamed up by Scotty.

William Shatner even had a brief relationship with Lady Gaga.

After Star Trek finished Shatner was once again on the streets as it were, luckily however, the show took off and Shatner started living the high life again after the Star Trek films went into production.

Shatner's contract as Denny Crane stipulated that he got to wear period dress when it was his birthday.

Shatner’s career went from strength to strength with such notable roles as T.J. Hooker and Denny Crane.  The latter of those characters allowed him to enjoy his cigar smoking on screen and also strike up a friendship with fellow thespian, James Spader.

There are many gossips who say that Shatner wears a toupee. Unfortunately for them, this picture conclusively proves them wrong.

Since these humble beginnings Shatner has had a long and prosperous career in acting, spoken word and being a gentleman.

The greatest line in cinematic history as judged by us here at The Gentleman. If you don't know what Shatner is saying here, go to your local cinema and watch Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.

So there you have it.

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