Biography: Michael Caine

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Welcome to yet another in-depth and accurate biography of a well known gentleman.  As you are no doubt aware by the headline for today’s post, the subject in question is Michael Caine (a subject that is also taught at the The Griffith and Brixley College for Gentleman)

People used to be able to enter a draw and win tea with Michael Caine. Doesn't everybody look excited?


Michael Caine was born on the 14th of March 1933 (a date that will henceforth be known as “International talk like Michael Caine Day).  Caine’s parents incorrectly named him Maurice Joseph Micklewhite until the young Caine renamed himself Michael Scott when he started acting.  Soon after though, he changed it to Michael Caine after Cary Grant came to him in a dream and told him to have at least one ‘C’ initial.

Michael Caine gives acting coaching to this scantily clad female for a part in an independent picture he made called "Bo Peeps".

After being cast in the film Zulu (1964) Caine’s career took off, literally, and he had to catch it so that he might keep working as an actor.  Caine has now acted in over 100 films and will be staring in the sequel to his 1969 film The Italian Job, in which he will have to steal Italy itself.

Michael Caine becomes mesmerised by Sean Connery's bizarre crown after the two try to out dress each other during the wedding of a mutual friend.

Caine has been nominated for an Academy award in every decade since the 60s (a feat only accomplished by Caine and Jack Nicholson) and has won twice for two films were he acted better than everybody else.

Michael Caine indicated to Lawrence Olivier that he has something in is teeth during a break on the set of Sleuth (1972)

Not only is Caine the quintessential British actor (keeping in mind Sean Connery is Scottish) he is a keen gentleman and has been a contributing member to gentlemanly society and style since his conception.

Caine takes a break from his favourite pastime, massaging beautiful girls with the butt of a pistol.

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