The gentleman and leather


I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that a gentleman may have many loves in his life. The love of a fine scotch, the love of a cuban cigar, the love of a gentlelady or the love of a well starched collar. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, all at the same time. But let’s not forget a gentleman’s love for leather.

Here we see Cary Grant donning a leather jacket while admiring his newly-purchased bottle of liquor. When a gentleman wears leather, attractive women gravitate towards him, as illustrated here.

First let’s get to know leather a little better. Leather usually comes from cows and it is normally a shade of brown. If you want to know more details, please consult your local leather professor at a bovine university.

Shatner wasn't happy with the information provided above, so he put on his leather hat and headed for the Old West in search for a cow. He found this lady instead and his expedition was aborted.

A gentleman has the capacity to wear many separate articles of leather all at once. This is because a gentleman’s frame has been evolutionarily designed to withstand the burden of cow’s skin as well as his own.

HL Griffith will often display leather Oxfords, watch band, satchel, belt and cigar case all at once. He has been known to smoke all three cigars at the same time as well.

Leather carries a certain prestige with it. The kind of prestige that says “I could kill a cow, strip its skin off and turn it into a belt or wallet. But I won’t because someone else did it for me and this way I can retain my high moral status”. That’s why many notable gentlemen over the years have sported leather paraphernalia of some variety. Think of Henry Jones Snr and his diary, Clint Eastwood’s revolver holster or James T Kirk’s underwear.

Henry Jones Jnr wore this leather jacket for its Nazi-repelling properties.

A gentleman will also opt for the leather-assisted straight-blade shave over the Mach-11. These should be used with care, though.

Clarke Gable takes care with his straight blade. Notice all the tonics and lotions he has on hand in case something goes wrong.

In particular, all gentleman aviators (of which, I assume there are many reading) will know the importance of leather. Any good aviator will always wear a leather jacket, leather cap, leather goggles. Some also opt for a leather propellers, but most of them are dead.

Howard Hughes poses for a leather jacket catalogue. All gentleman aviators know the protective powers of leather.

So when next you have to select a new garment, accessory, belt, holster, hat, pouch or band, a gentleman should always be looking for the leather option.

Until next time,

HL Griffith