The gentleman in Africa

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We kick off a new segment today that will become a reoccurring theme here at The Gentleman in the same style as our gentlemanly biographies.  Since gentlemen are men of the world it is apt that we should explore different parts of the world in gentlemanly depth (a standardised measurement of 4.34 furlongs)

Africa. There's more than one way to skin a crocodile. There's two. Here we see two gentlemen being taught both ways by some helpful natives.

Africa. There's more than one way to skin a crocodile. There's two. Here we see two gentlemen being taught both ways by some helpful natives.

Africa was invented by Sir David Attenborough many years ago and would go on to stay invented for many years to come.

Here Attenborough is photographed with one of his other inventions: South American wildlife.

Although Africa was invented by Attenborough it was explored much before his time in what we call Africa’s “developmental” stage, where it hadn’t fully been mapped or hosted a tea party.  Many gentlemen explored Africa to better understand and kill it’s wildlife.

Henry Morton Stanley is noted for playing the worlds most vast game of hide and seek in Africa with Dr. David Livingston. He won. Here he is photographed with his gun caddy. He has selected a number 4 gun, a good choice.

But Africa wasn’t just a hunting ground for gentleman, it has also been the inspiration for many stories and songs.  The mystique that was Africa (before Attenborough) was the stuff of legend and its animals the stuff of carpets and buckshot.

Here an African explorer/hunter pens the lyrics to the song Africa by Toto.

The inhabitants of Africa are rich and rare in many cases.  Not only was Africa inhabited by hunting game, it was also inhabited by many people whose unique cultures’ would forever influence the gentleman’s love of the world.

Some African inhabitants: Tarzan and family pose for a traditional family portrait on a tree. Many people believe we evolved from monkey's but in actual fact, monkeys came from Tarzan.

On top of all these wondrous features of Africa, there is also the land itself.  Made up of forests, deserts, mountains, rivers, jungles and coastline, Africa contains many of the attributes that can be found around the world on land-masses.

Such was the beauty of Africa, Robert Redford used to court women by washing their hair in pristine river deltas. A sure fire way to a women's heart and healthy scalp.

With all the wonders that Africa has to offer it’s no wonder that Sir David Attenborough chose to devote so much time documenting it’s attributes.

Here we see the state-of-the-art technology used in documenting Africa. They use four cameras in unison so they can record in 4D.

Since Africa is such a veritable (and sometimes literal) gold mine of wonders a gentleman should take time out to visit, view and perhaps shoot what it has to offer.

Sir David Attenborough uses some technology to invent Africa. Thanks to him the world is a more diverse place.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley