The gentleman’s calendar

Hello there,

As it is January and most of you gentlemen out there will have gotten a new daily planner to organise which days you play golf and which days you drink sake with the Japanese ambassador.  However there are some important gentlemanly dates that you should not double book.

March 22nd: Internationl talk like William Shatner day

On this… day William Shatner was born. Therefore… we… should take moments throughout the day to talk like……… William Shatner.

William Shatner wasn't only one of our generations most unique actor/starship commanders, he was also a notorious lethario as shown by his trademark 'Kirk' seductive expression. It worked on a vast number of women, aliens and even a robot.

Although this day was created by comedians so as to mock Shatner’s futuristic acting intonations we should also take this day to recognise all the good deeds he has done for the gentlemanly community.  And if you find yourself double booking this day with the Japanese ambassador it is compulsory at the karaoke night you attend (and you will) to perform a spoken word rendition of Elton John’s Rocket Man.

October 5th: Dr. No premiered in 1962

The first of the James Bond novels to be adapted for the silver screen, Dr. No is the quintessential Sean Connery movie.

Sean Connery shows that style really is his middle name when he turns up to work in a tuxedo. In this scene the man on the right tries to explain why the gun he is holding is deadlier than Connery's fists. He was soon proved wrong.

To commemorate this premier you should watch it on the original 35mm pressing of the film that you purchased from that James Bond memorabilia auction.  The drink of choice for this day is a martini followed by a bottle of Dom Perignon ’53 (preferable over the ’55).

November 22nd: The gentleman’s Christmas period officially begins.

On this day we kick off the festive season by remembering John F. Kennedy and playing a round of golf in his honour.

Kennedy was the most stylish and gentlemanly president the Whitehouse had seen since Abraham Lincoln made the 'undertaker' look popular in the 1860s. Unfortunately for the world of style, both were gunned down by lesser dressed individuals.

The gentleman’s christmas period starts from this day and goes for a whole year until November 22nd the following year when the process starts all over again.

November 29th: Gentleman’s Easter.

This is one of the most important days of the gentleman’s year.  The day that Cary Grant passed on.  On this day you should don your finest suit and pay homage to the great man by running away from a crop duster.

Cary Grant is now walking in greener pastures. And apparently in these pastures it's the 1700s, but only for Grant.

After a good run around the crop field, all gentlemen should congregate at the local reform club or white table-clothed bar and honour the man that wrote the book on being a gentleman.  That’s not a figure of speech, he actually wrote the book.

Cary Grant proof reading a manuscript for 'the book'. Here he reads it to his dog to try to imbue some gentlemanly habits into it. However the dog cannot understand English and so Grant reads it in his head.

So there you have it.  There will be more dates to add to your calendar in latter posts, so don’t fret, it’s unbecoming for a gentleman.

G.O. Brixley