In the company of women

Hello there,

Even as this blog becomes more popular with the gentlemanly population we must look at the sad fact that true gentlemen are few and far between.  Why is this?  I blame tracksuit pants but I have yet to finish my thesis so I shall refrain from making further accusations.

Sean Connery was hard pressed to find gentlemen in his own league, therefore he resorted to the next best thing (or even better!) by surrounding himself with a bevy of beautiful women.

Due to the fact that gentlemen are a rare breed it is sometimes very hard to find a smoking partner or someone to play 18 rounds of golf with followed by an Islay single malt.  Therefore as gentlemen we must find other willing parties to partake in our gentlemanly activities.

Roger Moore knew the benefits of associating with women instead of the common man. Just look at his surprised delight. He just can't believe it.

Since women are higher on the gentlemanly scale than gentlemen themselves (women always come first), the choice is simple.  If your common male friends complain, perhaps tell them to swap the trackpants for some nicely pressed trousers and get back to you.

Cary Grant finds out the hard way of the shortcomings of associated with uncouth men after his attempted Scotch tasting session takes a 'Pulp fiction' turn.

As it happens there are more women than men and therefore it should be no hassle at all to round up an entire group of gentle-ladies to accompany you on your gentlemanly activities.

Here we see Frank Sinatra with a congregation of women. Notice how he uses them to good effect by letting them wear the dresses (Sinatra's act worked much better this way around)


There are many activities a gentleman with a large company of women can do.  For example there is doubles tennis, water polo, regular polo, and also non-sporting gentlemanly pastimes like drinking.  If you don’t think that women can drink, think again.  Although women may not like a neat Scotch they have adapted alcohol into a veritable smorgasbord of cocktails.

Even in the future women are preferred company over the lower 'red shirt' ranks of the starship's security crew (who are no doubt being killed by a monster out of shot...typical).

The only downfall of mixing with large groups of women is that some of them might get the wrong idea about your motives.  As gentlemen we have purely plutonic motives towards women that we are not courting.

Here Frank Sinatra gets himself into an akward situation when the pack of girls he was associating with get the wrong idea. Poor Frank, all he wanted to do was write in his diary (shown here)

So next time you cannot find a gentleman such as yourself to socialise with, choose women.  In the company of women is the gentlemanly way.

Unfortunately for Sean Connery he was not up to the lofty hygiene standards of this flock of women and he had to be sanitised before any socialising could take place. Chin up Sean.

So there you have it.

G.O Brixley