The tailor-made gentleman.

Hello there,

If gentlemen were superheroes (and who is to say they aren’t?) then the gentleman’s suit would be his uniform.  This being the case it is important that when you are puchasing a suit, you get it made to your exact specifications.  You don’t see Superman running around with baggy exterior undergarments do you?

Roger Moore gets tailored to within an inch of his life. Still he finds time for a last cigarette.

Having a suit tailored to your gentlemanly physique is not a luxury, it is a necessity, and hence should not be overlooked.

Pierce Brosnan gets fitted for a suit to make him look every bit the gentleman. Pity he would only wear this suit in one good film. (For those of you playing at home the answer is Golden Eye)

Since it is very rare to find a suit that fits one perfectly, and as gentlemen, we strive for perfection, you should have the aforementioned suit nipped and tucked until it moves as one with your body but will a little extra room for those two cigars you keep in your breast pocket.

Sean Connery not only got his suits fitted, he got everything fitted, even down to his custom made undergarments. (An idea he got off Superman)

The gentleman’s Mecca as it were, is of course Savile Row.  Savile Row being a street in Monopoly’s most expensive area of Mayfair.  Savile Row consists of the finest bespoke tailoring that has ever graced the earth.

Even Cary Grant couldn't tailor his clothes as good as Savile Row's finest, a concession he was willing to give.

When you have your four daily Scotches you should acknowledge the direction of Savile Row before you drink.

Savile Row. Where gentlemen are made (notice the typographical error on this antiquated photograph).

Also much like Mecca, a gentleman must make a pilgrimage to Savile Row once in their lifetime and purchase a tailored suit from a member of the Savile Row Bespoke Association.

Cary Grant paws at this Savile Row window, pining for the sartorial treasures inside. Then of course he remembered that he was a rich movie star and went inside to purachse said treasures.

Once you have purchased your own Savile Row suit – a suit that will last a gentleman’s lifetime (82) – you can walk anywhere with the style and benevolent demeanor that is second nature for a gentleman knowing that you have seen the holy land.

The gentleman's rapture. Instead of ascending to heaven the gentleman's rapture will take the form of a tweed bicycle ride through Savile Row.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley