The gentleman’s New Year’s resolution

Hello there,

As you may or may not be aware, the new year was rung in during our sabbatical here at The Gentleman.  As such may I congratulate all of our followers for making it into what I’m sure will be an eventful year of gentlemanly pastimes.

I thought it only proper that we here at The Gentleman would share our New Year’s resolutions with you in an effort to stimulate your gentlemanly urges and branch out into a new area of gentlemanly habits that you may not have tried before.

1. Travel in gentlemanly style.  Even if it’s out to the countryside for a picnic, make sure you travel somewhere this year.  Don’t forget to carry yourself as a gentleman at all times and also don’t remember to take the back up red wine.

If travelling overseas, why not travel like The Beatles? Make sure you have a throng of people constantly surrounding you, taking pictures and then occasionally perform a stadium concert to screaming fans.

2. Put your feet up once in a while.  It is important that a gentleman has sufficient ‘down time’ so as to recharge the gentlemanly batteries.  It’s a proven fact that playing golf followed by cigars and Scotch is as labour intensive on the body as 5 marathons, therefore a gentleman should take time when he can to rest and relax.  Remember, stress can kill you, especially if it’s in the guise of that armed Cat Burglar I apprehended when I was on the French Riviera.

Cary Grant puts his feet up like it's no one's business. Grant was actually the fittest person in the world during the 1950s but even he had to rest sometimes.

3. Find the Maltese Falcon. This is a pretty self explanatory resolution.  Elusive and priceless, the Falcon has been sought after by many a gentleman.

Humphrey Bogart pictured here with a replica Maltese Falcon. Bogart hung this picture above his desk to remind him of his lifelong quest for the Falcon. Did he find it? There is only one way to find out and that's to exhume his coffin. Quick! To Glendale California!

4. Test Pilot an experimental form of transportation.  Gentlemen are by definition, fearless.  Therefore why not put your courage to the test and take a trip to the wild side via experimental transportation.

Sean Connery didn't just prove that he was fearless by test piloting this helicopter thing, he also defeated Blofeld and his private army of evil henchmen.

5. Learn to stare like Michael Caine. If there is one thing that Michael Caine was good at, (and there wasn’t, since he was good at most things such as masonry or skydiving) it was staring down an opponent.  Learn the art of his stare and you are bound to be victorious in any duel.

Just looking at this picture makes me cower. It's as if he can see my soul and has then asked it to lunch, only to stand it up and feel no remorse.

6. Be the best gentleman you can be.  As gentleman we should strive to be the height of style, honour, compassion and promoting the gentlemanly way of going about things.  But there is always room for improvement, even here at The Gentleman.  So be the best gentleman you can be for this year of 2011 and maybe one day we can all attain the status of Cary Grant.

In Grant we trust.

G.O. Brixley