The double breasted suit

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Whilst sipping a refreshing martini on the shores of Lake Brixley (adjacent to Castle Brixley) a member of the luncheon I was on asked me about double breasted suit jackets.  I told him to peruse The Gentleman and his questions will be answered.  Unfortunately I had not published this article that I am writing and hence his perusal (whilst entertaining and informative to him) left his quest for knowledge unsatisfied.  He wrote me a letter explaining his disappointment and now I am making amends by writing this post.

George Lazenby wears this double breasted suit to full effect as he playfully poses against this picturesque backdrop.

The double breasted suit jacket originated from the Navel Reefer jacket which in turn went on to become the Navel style peacoat or trench that we gentlemen are predisposed to wearing in the colder months.

Cary Grant opts for a white double breasted suit as he exits his private flying machine whilst carrying the daily broadsheet.

There are variations on how many buttons there are on a double breasted jacket as opposed to the number that actually fasten.  The way to describe a double breasted jacket is to firstly say the number of buttons it has and then the number of buttons that fasten (usually the number of button holes it has).  Therefore you may have a six-on-three, six-on-two, or even four-on-two jacket.

Steve McQueen expertly goes for the cross legged lean while nonchalantly showing off his double breasted suit and drawing your eye towards the buttons with a lazy index finger.

I have a double breasted jacket that I picked up in Italy which is a two-on-one jacket.  Imagine that!

Humphrey Bogart single handedly gave rise to the double breasted suit's prominence during the 1930s-1950s. A little known fact is that Humphrey's pajamas were double breasted also.

Don’t think that the double breasted jacket is only for fat men, 80’s stockbrokers or David Letterman.  The double breasted suit, like any suit, can maketh the gentleman if it is fitted correctly and worn with finesse and a humble elegance that are prerequisites for the gentleman’s inventory.

This gentleman not only styles his double breasted suit to full effect, he has accompanied it with a handkerchief, hat and moustache to match.

So next time you think you’ll just blend into the crowd by purchasing a fine tailored single breast suit, maybe branch out and add the double breasted suit to your extensive wardrobe.

Jaws forces Roger Moore to watch as he devours some wood as a show of power by his double breasted suit.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley