From The Gentleman’s Vault V

Hello all,

It’s Wednesday today, which is known in many gentlemen circles as ‘ Vault-day’. This name has long and complex derivatives which I shan’t go into here. But rest assured, here at The Gentleman we interpret that name as a good excuse to take you to previously uncharted territory in The Gentleman’s vault. So why wait? Grab your umbrella, put on your brogues, fasten your waistcoat, wax your mustache, wind your watch, light a cigar, pour yourself a scotch, invite your lady friend along and join us as we delve into the strange and exciting depths.

Not sure what use the element of fire is beyond lighting your cigar or pipe? Foolishness! I condemn you to reading this article for such folly. (It’s actually quite a spanking read, so it’s not much of a punishment.)

The Gentleman and his fire

This gentleman is teaching his lady how to tame fire. Also, he’s not overcompensating for anything.

Are you sick of waiting for the train or streetcar? So are we at The Gentleman. That’s why we commissioned this insightful article into the a gentleman’s favourite form of manual transportation – the bicycle.

The Gentleman’s bicycle

A gentleman taking his favourite lady for a ride to the ‘fake scenery’ shoppe.

And now that you can use the most powerful of elements to its fullest potential and know how to ride around town properly, the only thing to do is to use this knowledge to impress your gentlelady.

The gentleman’s gentlelady

Sean Connery shows the height of tenderness towards a lady by drying her hair.

Until next time,

HL Griffith