The Pipe Smoking Gentleman

Dear Gentlemen,

When you’re out at a soiree or the local Reform Club you may get into a distressing situation when you’ve run out of cigars. Then what are you expected to wash your scotch down with? Before you embarrass yourself by asking your companion if you can steal a smoke, consider purchasing a smoking pipe, an absolute necessity for the ever-ready gentleman.

No need to be fancy, an everyday ordinary briar pipe will surely be appropriate for the formal gentleman.

Pipes, and pipe tobacco comes in a vast range of sorts depending on wether you’re attending a cocktail party or a Lord of the Rings Cosplay party. Choose a pipe that suits your style and persona.

A gentleman must strictly never smoke a Corn-cob pipe. Corn-cob pipes can only be used by such fellows as the tool pictured here or Robert Shaw in Jaws.

Apart from your trusty pipe you’ll need a Czech tool, some pipe cleaners, a packet of matches from your local country club and of course, some pipe tobacco. There is a large array of Tobacco brands and flavours. Borkum Riff Cavendish Cherry is my favoured, as well as its suave title the smell urges a lot of curiosity from fellow smokers.

A Czech tool can be found at the local tobacco store in Arkhangelsk, Russia and can prove quite useful when packing, stoking and cleaning your pipe.

The Gentleman can not be expected to own a collection of hundreds of pipes, nor is it necessary. On your pipe collecting venture, aim to collect a total of seven pipes. Pipe rotation is important for the pipes, for pipe tobacco burns quite wet and a wooden pipe can retain moisture. Having a pipe for each day of the week can allow the pipe to properly cool and dry out.

Howard Hughes had quite a compulsive obsession with his pipe collection too.

So put on your chosen smoking jacket, attend your local pipe night and impress your fellow gentlemen by adding some style to your healthy smoking habits.



C.M. Badger