Biography: Cary Grant

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Here is the first of a new segment we will be running in which we will look at a gentleman of stature in depth.  Therefore we will start with the classic gentleman, Cary Grant.

A young Cary Grant poses in his favourite cricket sweater for a mens catalogue of different poses.

Cary Grant was originally born Archibald Alexander Leach and after getting expelled from Fairfield Grammar School the young Archibald fled England to pursue a career in Hollywood.  He changed his name briefly to Cary Lockwood but after a run in with another Cary Lockwood (who he beat in a dual) he changed his last name to Grant.

Here we see Cary Grant being mugged by Marilyn Monroe. Although Monroe took his wallet, Grant stole her heart.

From here Cary Grant went on to have a long and successful acting career which you are no doubt aware of.

Cary Grant would get his exercise by racing biplanes. During the summer of 1959 Grant was actually the fastest person who ever lived.

What you didn’t know is that Cary Grant once beat Winston Churchill in a wine tasting competition.  However the following year Churchill beat Grant in a cigar tasting competition.

Cary Grant was made an honorable doctorate of leaning against walls by Cambridge University.

Cary Grant was responsible for teaching Sean Connery everything he knew about drinking Gin and in turn Connery taught Grant about the joy of Scotch (at this time Scotch was not as widespread and easily attainable as it is now).  Later in his life Grant was crowned King of Gentlemen, a position which he filled until his death in 1986.

Cary Grant was also the inspiration for Hannibal from The A-Team after his hair changed to a silvery white.

All in all Cary Grant’s life was textbook gentleman.  If there is one page we can take out of this textbook it is that we should never deface Cary Grant’s textbook and instead read the whole thing and take on board all all his teachings.

Of course Cary Grant was a virtuoso on many musical instruments, but here he practices his harp.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley