From The Gentleman’s Vault IV

Hello there,

It’s that time of the week again when Griffith and I use our dual keys to open the most heavily guarded vault since Ocean’s 11 (the Sinatra one of course), that being The Gentleman’s Vault.  Now you might think it easy for anyone to look at the vault simply by clicking on the ‘archive’ tab at the top of the page.  This is true, but then again if you had seen the original Ocean’s 11 you’ll know it was pretty easy for them too.  But I digress.

Here is a post about the honour that all gentleman must posses and defend until the bitter end.  Don’t know how to defend your honour?  Need to know what sort of dueling technique you should employ to vanquish your foe? Read on.

The Gentleman’s Honour

Two men prepare to fight. Notice the x-ray goggles they wear to see their opponents vital organs.

Next we come to a smashing post about which occupations that are fit for a gentleman.  Does your current employment meet the lofty standards of a gentleman?  Does ‘man-about-town’ classify as a job? Click below for the answers to your wildest dreams.

Gentlemanly Occupations

Since 1945 the need for World War 2 fighter pilots has dried up.

Finally, you must ask yourself ‘what am I going to have for breakfast tomorrow?’  If you cannot answer this correctly or answered that you are ‘not sure’ then this post is one hundred percent vital to you being satiated tomorrow morning.

Breakfast Of Gentlemen

Frank Sinatra's breakfast on the go.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley