The Weekly Review V

Hello there,

It’s once again time for that Sunday reading ritual, The Weekly Review.  So sit back, put your feet up on the railing  overlooking your sprawling lands, grab a cigar and Scotch and enjoy.

Monday brought us some helpful fashion hints when dealing with the gentleman’s hat.  Hats aren’t just for keeping the sun off your head, they can also complement your Sunday best, but beware of the baseball cap.

A Gentleman and His Hat

Like father, like son. Indiana Jones and his father both sport hats that match their attire. Notice the Nazi in the background wearing a 'cap'. Proof that 'caps' will turn you into homicidal Fascists.

Next we leant about the different games a gentleman can play on a billiards table.  Not included in this is “pool” or “8-ball” which is, has not, and will never be a gentlemanly game to play.  Need to brush up your rules or want to find out about the greatest players that ever put cue to ball? Read on.

The Gentleman and Billiards

This is the basic table set up of snooker. You place the red balls in a triangle, the coloured balls as shown and then surround the table with scores of gentleman.

After the excursion into the darkest depths of the vault, we picked up another golfing skill, that of putting.  Putting being half the game of golf, it is important for a gentleman to perfect his putting and also work on his posing on the green.  If a gentleman has a good stance and can find his inner gentlemanly sanctum then he will sink the putt one hundred percent of the time.

Gentlemen On The Green

Arnold Palmer rejoices in his newfound knowledge and skill on the green. Here he performs a rudimentary jig in celebration.

Lastly we were informed about the tragic state of cricket.  Unfortunately today there are no gentleman in the Australian cricket team.  However you can take a trip back in time and relive the glory days of cricket, when gentlemen cultivated their facial hair for good, and not evil.

Gentleman and Cricket

"Skill", "technique" and "footwork" were optional for the cricketing gentleman during the ‘gentleman’s era.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley