From The Gentleman’s Vault III

Today is The Gentleman’s day of rest, otherwise referred to as Wednesday. And what better way to spend our day off than to invite you into the mysterious and closely guarded Gentleman’s Vault. We have selected three of the finest pieces from the distant past for you to enjoy.

Here is a seminal article about a gentleman’s vocabulary. There is a fine line between one’s words being cliched and proper. Don’t want to overstep the line? Then read forth.

Gentlemanly vocabulary

Reagan knew the value of a spondulick.

Next, let us continue down memory lane to an article that dispels a myth about healthy living. Read on especially if you’re a little on the side of 2000’s Shatner rather than 1950s Shatner.

Gentleman don’t diet

Captain Kirk may have had a little around the middle but he could still kick any alien's arse six ways to Sunday.

And finally, let us revisit a similarly themed piece. While you’re busy not dieting, find some time to read this enlightening article about the subtleties of dining like a true gentleman.

The dining gentleman

A big part of dining like a gentleman includes sitting on your chair at an angle, or getting someone to stand behind you while you are seated (or, conversely standing behind someone else sitting down).

Until next time,

HL Griffith