The gentleman and his hat

Hello there,

It bothers me when I walk around the village these days and see people wearing baseball caps.  It bothers me because a high proportion of them are not baseball players nor even baseball enthusiasts.   The baseball cap should be confined to either playing baseball, watching baseball (you may wear a baseball cap to support your team) or if you live perpetually in the 1990s.

Don Draper knows how to wear a hat. You can't see but he is scowling at some youths wearing angled baseball caps. They died moments later out of shame.

There are so many other styles of hat a gentleman may wear and yet time after time we see the ‘cap’ degrading the appearance of the gentleman to the level of ‘street youth’, ‘crack addict’ or ‘lame uncle’.

Indiana Jones shows off his Fedora whilst posing like a true gentleman against this tibetan fireplace.

The gentleman’s hat can do many things, obviously it keeps the sun off your head but it can also compliment your attire.

Bob Hope (left) and Bing Crosby (right) show how to match your hat with your clothes. Here, they have gone one step further and matched their clothes with their musical instruments.

Many gentleman throughout history have been known for their particular headwear and if you select a hat correctly who is to say it won’t be you next in the history books?

Winston Churchill shows off one of his trademark hats whilst smoking one of his trademark cigars in his trademark jowls.

I do realise that hats aren’t for every gentleman but please if you do purchase a hat, don’t get a baseball cap unless you play baseball, and in that case make sure you wear it at no other angle to that which it was specifically made.

Like father, like son. Indiana Jones and his father both sport hats that match their attire. Notice the Nazi in the background wearing a 'cap'. Proof that 'caps' will turn you into homicidal Fascists.

So go out to your local hatters and pick yourself up a nice mercury infused gentleman’s hat.  I’m off to the hatters right now in fact.

Humphrey Bogart is seen here during his 'Indiana Jones' period. The hat maketh the gentleman.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley