The beach gentleman

Hello there,

As we all know, summer is fast approaching and therefore many of us will be frequenting the beach. This is not just a chance to escape the heat. The beach is a perfect opportunity to display some of the gentleman’s more discreet gentlemanly styles and traits.

Sean Connery manages to fuse the nautical gentleman, the reading gentleman, the beach gentleman and the bare-and-unshaven chest gentleman into one amazing pose.

The beach is an opportunity to shed the three-piece suit and leather loafers and pull out your tight swimming briefs. Please note that gentleman do not wear Hawaiian-themed “board” shorts. If you must wear shorts, please opt for the short-shorts shown in the above picture.

Tom Selleck models the ideal swimming brief for the beach-going gentleman. The visor results from the gentleman having a sensible regard for the perils of ultra-violet radiation.

You may have realised that the beach is a good opportunity to meld many of our previous lessons in gentlemanly behaviour. This is a good time to check out our posts on nautical gentleman, a gentleman doesn’t shave his chest, a gentleman doesn’t work out, and the gentleman’s polo. The beach is like a gentleman’s exam, and with the trusty tutelage of The Gentleman’s Blog, you should be getting first-class honours all round.

Paul Newman enthusiastically poses for a photo. Just after this photo was taken, he shed his clothes to reveal tight trunks and had a sexy beach party with many women and table tennis.

Of course gentleman always take the utmost care when dealing with the sun. A gentleman is already in line for various kinds of medical complications through his other habits, so he will always apply sunscreen liberally and wear appropriate headwear.

Humphrey Bogart stops one kind of cancer while courting another. By the laws of mathematics they cancel each other out and he will never die.

Whilst on the beach, feel free to engage in the beach versions of various gentlemanly sports. Who can resist a carefree game of beach cricket? Or for a more gentlemanly feel, try out beach tennis or beach billiards. Or simply go yachting. If boating is good enough for Shatner, it’s good enough for the rest of the world’s gentlemen.

Beach A-Hoy! William Shatner and James Spader approach the beach in completely not-over-the-top gentlemanly style.

And so with that, feel free to display your gentlemanly beach style this summer.

Yours truly,

HL Griffith