The gentleman’s white tuxedo

Hello there,

Being gentlemen, you will not doubt have a tuxedo draped across one of your leather sofas in the sitting room next to an open bottle of champagne and a full ashtray from last night’s celebrations.  However now is the time to consider the white tuxedo for added style in these warmer months.

Sean Connery leans gracefully against this bar whilst using telepathy to order a Scotch. Observe the lines on his pressed white tuxedo jacket.

No matter your occupation, be you an archaeologist, international spy or bar owner in Casablanca, the white tuxedo will help contrast you to the black tuxedos of your unimaginative peers.

Humphrey Bogart dons his white tuxedo jacket and women literally stick to him out of sheer animal magnetism.

The white tuxedo was invented by someone I’m sure.

Don Draper cranes his neck as he looks down on his black tuxedo wearing colleagues, then leaves them in a wake of smoke during this soiree.

One should generally wear the white tuxedo in the warmer months or in areas where the climate is hotter (these can include Jamaica, Casablanca and in some cases China)

Harrison Ford looks provocatively at the camera as he smolders in a white tuxedo. Notice his come-hither eyes and red carnation.

In the northern hemisphere it is traditional to only wear a white tuxedo jacket from Memorial day (last Monday of May) to Labour day (first Monday of September), but in the southern hemisphere you can do what you like if it’s hot, which it usually is this time of year.

Here we see Bogart in a white tuxedo during his favourite pastime; sitting around brooding whilst shrouded in shadows.

So next time you have a black tie engagement during these warmer months, why not wear a stylish white tuxedo.  I know I will.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley