Gentlemen in “rock and roll”

Hello there,

During the 1960s when smoking was still legal and the mods and the rockers beat each other senseless due to their varying hairstyles, a new breed of gentleman was born into the music of rock and roll.

Herman's Hermits were always gentlemen when out on the town. Please note that Herman was less of a hermit than his name suggests.

Now I’m not talking about Elvis as he was a racist who indulged in fast food and fast women (and a rocker), I’m talking about British rock music.

The Beatles, seen here showing off their drainpipes whilst wearing matching suits (a prerequisite for rock music)

These bands, although rebellious in the eyes of their parents were still – by today’s unfortunately low standard – the utmost gentlemen.

The Rolling Stones: Ever the gentlemen in their matching tweed suits and flying V formation.

Now we have heard about he styles of music that a gentleman listens to (In Music to a Gentleman’s Ears), but if a gentleman must listen to a more upbeat style of music than orchestral but with less instruments than big-band swing there is only one option.  No it is not “trance” “music” (I challenge the authenticity of both these terms).  The correct answer is British rock.

The Animals, don't let the name deceive you though, they were good to their mothers and were more evolved than most of today's "rock" "artists" (Nickleback, Good Charlotte and the like) and with better suits

The British certainly did not invent rock and roll but they did know how to make it popular.  This was possible due to the fact that at that time in history Britannia ruled the waves which encompassed the airwaves as well as the tides and estuaries.

The Kinks at an estuary. Known for their eyesight, The Kinks could spot trouble from well over 3 English miles. Also they played music.

The Kinks seen here playing rock music. Notice their matching double breasted suits, a must for any aspiring musician. Please note that Dave Davies (far left) was part Leprechaun and therefore his ridiculous hat was heritage listed.

The prerequisite when listening to rock music is to see if all the members (there must only be between 4-5 members of a group) are wearing matching attire.  If they are, then you can rest tight that the music is adequate for a gentleman’s ears.

Manfred Mann are caught unawares by this photographer whilst wearing turtleneck sweaters with suits. It was the style at the time.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley