The Weekly Review III

Hello there,

It’s the end of the week once again and as such, time for The Weekly Review.  We have had a full week of posts so let us get straight to the review.

Firstly HL Griffith taught us about the origins of that most wonderful of non-alcoholic beverages; tea.  We learnt that a gentleman is worth his weight in gold due to his knowledge of the etiquette of tea drinking.  Therefor you could add considerable value to yourself by reading this.

Click Here For: Gentlemen and Tea

The Queen of England was taught all she knew about proper tea etiquette by yours truly. That’s not all I taught her, if you know what I mean.

Secondly we were told about the wonders of the gentleman’s three piece suit.  With the simple addition of a vest, a normal suit can become more suitable for a gentleman of stature.  But with great style comes great responsibility, so beware of the vest-wearing anti-gentleman.

Click Here For: The Gentleman’s Three Piece

These two gentlemen wallow in gentlemanly elegance whilst reading each others manuscripts.

After the mid week walk down memory lane we were privy to the world of the dancing gentleman.  Many people may think that gentleman don’t dance but this is incorrect as this post conclusively shows.   Read on if you are as intrigued by this idea as I was before I read it (and since I have midday television style amnesia I am still inrigued and will hence re-read this post)

Click Here For: The Dancing Gentleman

In this special case, you may wear sailor’s out fits. This has only ever happened twice (on the set of Anchors Aweigh). The likelihood of this occurring has been lowered considerably now that Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra are both dead.

Finally we were informed about the importance of holding yourself like a gentleman at all times.  If you can’t stand like a gentleman then the clothes you wear are nothing more than a gimmick, woven by lies and held together with the stitching of deception.

Click Here For: How to hold yourself like a gentleman

You don't see Sean Connery slouching when he stands in front of vintage automobiles looking wistfully into the distance.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley