How to hold yourself like a gentleman.

Hello there,

I walk around town these days and see many men slouching, dragging their feet or generally holding themselves in an uncouth stupor.  This must be corrected.

You don't see Sean Connery slouching when he stands in front of vintage automobiles looking wistfully into the distance.

A gentleman always holds himself as if the Queen was pinching his hindquarters; straight back and shoulders with a clenched buttocks.  The hunchback of Notre Dame wasn’t going around being a gentleman in his state, and not because he was a hunchback but because he was a Frenchman.

David Bowie in his "gentleman's detective" look demonstrates the 'one hand in the coat' pose while shadowing a man with a briefcase

A gentleman doesn’t lean against a wall as if he is selling crack,  he stands up straight as if he’s selling manners by the ounce (NB: manners aren’t a tangible good).

Paul Newman shows how to properly hang your coat over your shoulder. Here he ponders what other styles of salad dressing he should invent when he gets home.

How one holds oneself reflects greatly on the sort of person they are.  Even though one may be dressed to the nines like a gentleman, if they drag their feet along the ground they should be sterilised for the good of gentleman-kind.

Michael Caine shows the proper way to stand by a fireplace. This is an important stance for a gentleman since at least one quarter of a his life will be spent standing next to a fireplace.

In the book The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the evil Mr. Hyde would shrink and slink around like a demon of the night (contrary to popular depictions Mr. Hyde wasn’t a large monster; that was the Incredible Hulk), and don’t think for a moment that Robert Louis Stevenson wasn’t a complete gentleman at all time.  I said don’t.

Clark Gable shows how to stand at a fireplace when there is no fireplace.

Whether it  be free standing, against a fireplace, against a wall, with your coat over your shoulder or leaning against your fine automobile, a gentleman must always hold himself in a way that befits his gentlemanly manners and fine clothes.

Sean Connery shows how to lean again an automobile whilst in a suit.

And if you’re like Sean Connery, you must master the automobile lean.

Sean Connery showing the more casual automobile pose.

So there you have it,

G.O. Brixley