From The Gentleman’s Vault

Hello there,

Since it’s Wednesday, we here at The Gentleman like to unwind by reliving old posts over a healthy Scotch, herbaceous cigar and a vintage jazz record composed by anyone except Kenny G (AKA The Antichrist).

So let us take a stroll down memory lane in our hand-made leather brogues.

Firstly, one of The Gentleman’s first posts (before construction was completed by people with thick lensed glasses) in which I told people to have a smoke.   So why not light up a cigar and have a read?

Click here: Have a Smoke

Winston Churchill having a relaxing break from Nazi defeating.

Secondly, H.L. Griffith let the modern day gentleman know the best possible way to get around in a gentlemanly manner.  I could list them here but since you’ve got a cigar in your hand you should peruse this informative guide for yourself.

Click here: Getting Around

If your acquaintances at the Reform Club set you a challenge, don’t hesitate to enjoy a dram during the undertaking.

Finally a post to help all you budding golfers carry your clubs around the course.  If you want to know how to get a cheap caddy or know about the qualifications a caddy must have, then read on.

Click for: The Gentleman’s Caddy

Here we see the caddy giving his advice on a club. It is also important for caddys to be able to kill people with their headwear.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley