The gentleman’s three piece

Hello there,

As a gentleman you will of course have a vast array of suits, evening wear and tuxedos.  However within the realm of your suits you should of course cater for the three piece suit.

Sean Connery bears his waistcoat to seal the deal whilst asking this lady to dinner. She said yes.

The third piece of the suit is, as you know, the waistcoat.  The waistcoat was invented by cavemen and was originally a secondary pelt worn underneath their main pelt.

Raquel Welch fights a cavewoman over a three piece pelt wearing alpha male.

Since these humble beginnings though the three piece suit has brought an air of dignity to the simple suits that we wear for our day to day pleasure.

These two gentlemen wallow in gentlemanly elegance whilst reading each others manuscripts.

You can mix and match your waistcoat with  your suit.  Why not wear a double breasted waistcoat with a single breasted suit? They did it in the 1920s, soon after the dawn of the modern gentleman.

Steve McQueen toasts the gentlemen of yesteryear for their sartorial splendor.

The three piece suit is an asset for the gentleman wanting to look more worldly, wise and learned.  Nothing goes better with a leather bound journal, globe of the world and a pipe than a good three piece suit.

Cary Grant makes himself look older and wiser by donning a three piece suit. Don't let this mugshot fool you, after this collected pose the Policemen let him off and he autographed the picture for them.

However there is a downside to the waistcoat and that is the anti-gentleman.  Many anti-gentlemen have adopted the waistcoat for their ‘trendy’ style of dress.  Unaccompanied by a well starched shirt and suit, the waistcoat loses all it’s style and finesse.

The anti-gentleman. With his unkempt hair, V-neck shirt, terrible waistcoat and penchant for hurting small, defenseless animals it's no wonder no-one likes him.

It’s these types of people who have besmirched the good name of the waistcoat and hence the three piece suit.  Luckily, we gentleman are still around to uphold the ideals of our forefathers by donning a three piece suit in all it’s glory.

Roger Sterling (looking very good in a three piece suit) and Don Draper stare daggers at a couple of anti-gentlemen. Sufficed to say those anti-gentlemen were escorted from the restaurant forthwith.

So there you have it,

G.O. Brixley