The Weekly Review II

Hello there,

It’s the Sabbath and as such, time for The Weekly Review.  We here at The Gentleman have started writing these reviews so that when our readers are taking their day of rest for the week they may peruse any posts they may have missed.

We started off the week learning about how to follow through like a gentleman.  It was a post to get any gentleman back into the mood for golf now that the weather is clearing (excluding the last two days).  It told of the solitude and serenity a gentleman may find when he hits his perfect follow through.

How to follow through like a gentleman

JFK may have had the weight of the nation resting on his shoulders but when he followed through on his golf swing he could finally relax and enjoy his comfortable penny loafers.

Next we were privy to the information that gentleman and alcohol have a lengthy and torrid love affair.  The golden rule still applies – that a gentleman can hold his own – but we learnt that a gentleman can drink any alcoholic beverage under any circumstances for any occasion and also know how to mix it.

Gentlemen like a drink

George Clooney laughs heartidly at the suggestion he doesn't know his Krug from his Dom Perignon.

Lastly we were informed about the majestic fabric of tweed .  Tweed being one of the finest fabrics that gentlemen have invented, it only suits that it suits a gentleman.  If you need something to accompany a cool spring night then tweed is the answer to your problems.

Gentlemen and tweed

A well-dressed wooden-pole.

From The Vault

Here is a post from back in August about how a gentleman should wear a watch.  Read it and you too will know the reason behind why this is so.

Gentlemen wear watches

The fob watch, an adequate watch-substitute for the 40+

So there you have it,

G.O. Brixley