Gentlemen and tweed


Winter has just passed us by, and the spring evenings are perfect for a light jacket or cardigan. It is a perfect time to rekindle (or just kindle, if you’re already wearing it) a gentleman’s love for tweed.

Paul McCartney put on his tweed jacket once he realised the candle didn’t supply as much warmth as he had expected.

There are many (three) different kinds of tweed; they include Harris Tweed, Donegal Tweed and Silk Tweed. For that genuine gentlemanly look, you need look no further than Harris Tweed.

Confusingly, Donegal and Silk Tweed also have this label.

Peculiarly, there is an abundance of tweed in second hand or opportunity shops. So the pickings are ripe to get a deal on the fashion of the past, present and future. It also means that many homeless people are better dressed than the entire queue of any local discothèques.

A well-dressed wooden-pole.

So remember, if it’s a bit chilly outside, look no further than a tweed jacket or cardigan to complement your other gentlemanly vestments.

Dr. Ross trades his scrubs for a tweed jacket.

And with that, I leave it to you to discover the magic of tweed.

H.L. Griffith