Gentlemen like a drink

Hello there,

Now, as you know, gentlemen and alcohol have gone together since the first mead was drunk by the Vikings or the first wine was poured from an amphora into a gentleman’s mouth by a virgin priestess.  In short, it’s a long history.

The gentleman and his drink. It's an illicit affair that has raged for centuries.

I have previously told you about how a gentleman can hold his own, and let me just say that this rule will always apply when gentleman and alcohol are present.  However this should not stop the fact that a gentleman should be well versed in every drink under the sun and should be able to drink it at the drop of a hat.

Gentlemen must be able to drink every delicious beer on God’s green earth but until they can drink a Guinness they have much to learn.

Gentlemen are never discourteous and the last thing you want to do is insult your Japanese business/golfing partner by declining his offer of a warm sake and a hot jacuzzi.

You wouldn't want to disrespect the hospitality of the locals by not indulging in their traditional alcoholic beverage..

A true gentleman should know his sauvignon blanc from his gewurztraminer and his pinot noir from his chianti.  There should be no doubt in a gentleman’s mind between which region of Scotland his single malt came from nor whether his champagne is vintage or not.

George Clooney laughs whole heartedly at the suggestion he doesn't know his Krug from his Dom Perignon.

If the foreign dignitaries call for you to try some of their fermented national alcoholic beverage a gentleman should accept and also know how to mix it himself.

Michael Caine and Len Deighton are in the lab mixing up all sorts of alcoholic beverages. Practice makes practice.

No cocktail is too potent, no alcoholic drink too bizarrely coloured that a gentleman won’t know what is in it and how to properly drink it so as to appease the gods of whoever he is trying to impress.

Even though Romulan Ale is illegal in most of the galaxy Kirk doesn't want to start an intergalactic war by declining a swig.

So there you have it.  Cheers.

G.O. Brixley