How to follow through like a gentleman

Hello there,

As many of you may be coming to the end of your studies or work for the year you will no doubt have much more spare time. The most gentlemanly way to fill this time is to play a round of 18 holes followed by a bottle of single malt and a couple of cigars (or a pipe).

Some gentlemen enjoy their summer break in gentlemanly style.

Now you may be a bit rusty with the clubs coming out of winter but there is only one thing you need to work on to get back into the swing of things and that is your follow through.

Sean Connery gazing into the distance as he completes his perfect follow through.

The most important part of the golf swing is the follow through. Many people will tell you that this is because a good follow through helps guide the ball etc. This is wrong, a good follow through is needed so that you can have that solitary moment where you take in the beauty of the course and the serenity that comes with golf (this is before you get angry at how terribly you sliced the ball)

Although Arnold Palmer is surrounded by people, he is still enjoying the solitude and serenity of his follow through.

It’s this moment that makes golf worthwhile. It’s the moment where you are at one with the club, the course and that hip-flask of Scotch in your breast pocket.

Humphrey Bogart stood cemented in his perfect follow through for 4 days once.

So when you’re next playing a round, savour that post-swing moment and just take in everything that is good in the world.

JFK may have had the weight of the nation resting on his shoulders but when he followed through on his golf swing he could finally relax and enjoy his comfortable penny loafers.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley