Gentlemen don’t shave their chests.

Hello there,

As I have previously mentioned, due to the earth’s rotation, summer is on it’s way.  This being the case I have noticed an alarming trend among adult males in that some of them have started to shave or wax their chests.

Sean Connery showing off his gentlemanly foliage.

This is quite possible the most ungentlemanly thing one can do.  Why would one want a hairless chest?  It doesn’t make sense to my gentlemanly brain.

It has been proven that chest hair attracts women in a 500m radius. So why get rid of it?

If anything a man should want more hair on their chest so that they can one day get to the Sean Connery level of chest hair.

Alec Baldwin reached the Sean Connery level and just kept going. Well done Alec.

Now I understand that not all gentlemen can grow chest hair, and I feel for them, but to remove the chest hair you have for some unknown purpose is unjustified and ungentlemanly.

You too could look like Tom Selleck, answering a phone on a beach. A little known fact is that Tom Selleck's chest hair is a legally protected rainforest.

The only reason I can fathom as to why a gentleman would shave his chest would be to try to grow it back thicker the next time.  However this is an old wives tale and shouldn’t be tested.

Paul Newman (middle) was always jealous of Robert Redford's (right) chest hair. Here, Newman has to play table tennis whilst Redford sneaks away to the beach to hit the surf and generally impress people with his chest hair.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley