A gentleman’s eye protection

Hello there,

If you find yourself squinting when relaxing on a sunny balcony with a single malt and a fine cuban, maybe it’s time to invest in some eye protection.

JFK practices holding his breath whilst wearing some wayfarer sunglasses.

Eye protection can come in many forms but forget the blindfold and instead go and purchase a gentlemanly pair of sunglasses.

John Lennon shades his eyes from the harsh rays of the blistering English sun.

Although glasses have been around ever since gentlemen ruined their eyesight by trying to read leather books by firelight, the sunglasses are a more recent invention initially created so that the gentleman could take a sneaky nap during church.

Don Draper sports the RE Aviator sunglasses whilst snoozing during an open air mass.

Since these humble beginnings sunglasses have thrived and now can be the perfect accessory for the squinting gentleman.

Robert Redford tries to see who is pointing a laser pointer at his face using his mirrored aviator glasses.

When choosing a style of sunglasses a gentleman must use his common sense and style to determine what is for him.  Typically a gentleman’s sunglasses will be of a dark colour  (black or tortoiseshell) or metal (a soft gold or silver).

Cary Grant tries to hide his identity using sunglasses. Unfortunately Cary Grant is the most recognisable person in the world and his disguise has failed.

Although there are many styles of sunglasses a gentleman can wear, a gentleman would never and will never wear wrap around glasses with large, generally women’s brands, slapped across the bands.

Unfortunately for these guys their terrible glasses are only a small part of the problem.

So if you don’t want to look like an ungentlemanly philistine, who looks like they didn’t get the memo about evolution, then choose your sunglasses carefully.

Correct. Full marks.

Now that you have chosen wisely you can sport your newly protected eyes around town.  But don’t forget, just because your eyes are covered doesn’t mean you can’t give a suggestive look to the special lady you are courting.

Sinatra demonstrates the courtship process whilst wearing sunglasses.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley